Converge environments are human-centric, results focused and create transformative brand experiences.

They are great places to be.

> People reside and work within a convergence of physical and digital spaces—and though they are very different experiences—they are indelibly woven together. Well-designed branded environments play a significant role in connecting physical and digital environments in unique, and well-balanced ways that produce compelling brand experiences and optimize business goals.

Externally they provide a platform for your positioning and messaging, establish differentiation and build deeper customer connections.

Internally they create inclusive and sustainable cultures with higher employee satisfaction, improved retention, and increased productivity—a space where employees thrive within your brand.

> We are a concept, branding and design studio.

Sometimes we are creating new brands. Sometimes we are building and enhancing existing brands. Either way you are collaborating with our team of experts in brand strategy, user experience, and design to create human-centric solutions focused on your vision and goals.

Principals Carolyn Harwood and Daniel Henne bring deep experience in branding, design, and marketing. Their clients include national and international companies bringing their brands, products and services to life through compelling stories and innovative design strategies.

We utilize a network of makers and professionals to bring fresh interpretations to our work making sure that the essence of your brand is expressed in a unique voice.

> Let’s connect!

We’re located in Indianapolis, IN and Ann Arbor, MI, and always ready to start a conversation and exchange ideas about your branded environments.

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